I was looking at this book with stuff about every religion and


what have we done

we did it guys.

we actually did it.

now I can tell people I am religious

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books that I read last month

1. Poppy Z Brite "Exquisite corpse”

2. Stephen King The Shining”

3. Poppy Z Brite "Drawing blood"

4. Go Ask Alice” (“Blue grass”)

5. Paulo Coelho "The Alchemist"

6. Paulo Coelho "Veronica decides to die"

7. Erich Maria Remarque "Heaven Has No Favorites"

8. Poppy Z Brite "His mouth will taste of wormwood"

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hey, fuck the people…


"Come downstairs and be social!"

Unless you are food, or Justin Timberlake/Alison Mosshart here to claim my virginity, then no.

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Jack White Sleeping xx

I think Jack quite hate Alison because of his reaction to her. But why? What is the reason? WHY? Many people consider her to be a great singer and beautiful woman. Why he isn’t?

Ok. Why he continues working with Alison? Why he sings with her?

What do you think about it?

I realy want to know.

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